Welcome! I’m Marie, the designer and founder behind this brand. A passion project born as my therapy. Just like each individual is unique, I believe therapy is not one size fits all. Healing comes in different forms, and art became one of my coping tools through life. 

My Japanese heritage takes a big part in this brand, which streams back to my grandfather. Because of him, I have been fascinated with beautiful textile, colors, and patterns. "irro" meaning color and "irro irro" meaning variety in Japanese. 

Our brand focuses on minimalist clothing and accessories for everyday wear - a blank canvas, using neutral colors and textiles that are comfortable and soft on your skin. To reduce waste, we are a made-to-order business model.

Each piece is ethically made in California with textiles that are ethically sourced and milled in Japan. We carefully craft each piece with function, comfort, and practicality. We love that you can easily accessorize our pieces to dress up or down.

Thank you for taking the time to be here today. Your support goes beyond words can say. 

With much gratitude,