New Year, New Growth

I  R  R  O   I  R  R  O

January 3rd, 2020

New Year, New Growth


Happy New Year! Since launching irro irro, starting a journal has been a goal of mine, to connect with all of you on a deeper level, that there’s real human behind irro irro. 2019 was purely focused on launching our classic collection with very little time to sit down. While 2020 will be another busy year, I’ve made our journals and email newsletters a priority! Learning to accept that it will never be balanced at all times has been my saving grace. My vision for the journal will be a place for reflection, announcements, and helpful tips. I vision some styled photos, favorite recipes, podcasts, books, and self-care tips.

Speaking of self-care, 2019 was focused so much on that. Behind the scenes, a lot was going on from a full home re-model, living under endless construction, and hormonal deficiencies that required medical and holistic care. On the bright side, I was forced to slow down, and focus on self-care, all of which needed to happen with the simultaneous changes that manifested. I’m hoping some of what I’ve added to my toolbox will be relevant and helpful to you.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start in 2020 - new designs, a new perspective on what this brand means, and how it can continue to serve the cancer community. I see a bigger focus on designs specifically catered for chemotherapy (per requests). More time will also be spent on extending sizes and building a made-to-order model to eliminate excess waste from production and landfill. Interview series on cancer survivorship to better educate the public about cancer will be something new.   


Current mantra: Good things take time, and I’m okay with it.

Current Read: Big Dreams Daily Joys by Elise Blaha Cripe

Current guided meditation: 5 minute meditation you can do anywhere (I like to start my day with this gentle meditation)

Current Podcast on PMDD:

Current self-care: 40 minute timer on Instagram and deleting the email app on my phone. The email piece has been a game changer, and has boosted my productivity!